MARTÍN BRAVO — @bravomartin

I work designing and building communications systems that 
translate seamlessly online and offline.
I enjoy addressing complex issues in smart and efficient ways. 
My background touches upon graphic design, branding, interactive 
installations and the web, among other things.
In the past I have worked for Elemental, Base Design and O'Reilly Media.
I'm into bikes and cheese. 

I recently co-founded Design Systems International —a practice
focused on creating design systems— with Rune Madsen. More on this soon.

Recent/Ongoing projects:
• CCC, a new local cinema in Santiago, Chile to open 2018
    Director of Branding
• Rezlo, a new running apparel brand based in the US
    Director of Branding and Online
• O'Reilly Media, the leading technology media company,
    Designing and developing new interactive learning 
    interfaces, such as Oriole and Assessments Service.
• Andes Shadow, an exhibit by the chilean architecture office 
  elton_léniz at the 2016 Venice Biennial Architecture Exhibition 
  Identity Design and Website
• MONOLITH CONTROVERSIES, the Chilean Pavillion 
    at the 2014 Venice Biennial Architecture Exhibition
    Identity Design, Book Design and Website
    DAM Architectural Book Award 2014!CINESTACIóN Chilean Film Production Company
    Created the brand and the website, currently Strategic Advisor

• Artefact. Something to help artists keep track 
  of the things they make. It's being built by artists
  for artists and it's open source.
• A network to share recommendations 
  about places with friends.
• Regalos Unidos. Awesome wedding registry service.

bravomartin at gmail dot com
tumblr, twitter, instagram, github