MARTÍN BRAVO — @bravomartin

I work designing and building communications systems
that function seamlessly online and offline.
I enjoy addressing complex issues in smart and efficient ways. 
My background touches upon graphic design, branding, 
interactive installations and the web, among other things.

I'm into bikes and cheese. 

Recent/Ongoing projects:
• Rezlo, a new running apparel brand based in the US
    Director of Branding and Online
• O'Reilly Media, a technology media company,
    developing new interactive learning interfaces
• Andes Shadow, the elton_léniz exhibit 
    at the 2016 Venice Biennial Architecture Exhibition
    Graphic Design and Online
• CINESTACIóN Chilean Film & Production Company
    Brand Director
• MONOLITH CONTROVERSIES, the Chilean Pavillion 
  at the 2014 Venice Biennial Architecture Exhibition
• Websites:
  • Oficina Bravo, Architecture Office
  • Omar Zúñiga, Filmmaker

• A network to share recommendations about places with friends.
• Regalos Unidos. Awesome wedding registry service.

bravomartin at gmail dot com
tumblr, twitter, instagram, github